Road Update

Road Agent Scott Sanborn says that, while it’s unlikely that all the road repairs will be done before winter, our roads will be ready for winter plowing. And every road will have two lanes, he says.

Crews are currently working now on the Tuttle Hill Road shoulders. Although damage to Tuttle Hill Road wasn’t as severe as the damage to other town roads, the cost of its repairs is lower. “We are holding off on the most expensive work until we have access to FEMA funds,” Scott reports. Besides, Tuttle Hill Road is on the bus route, so repairs to that road are a priority. 

The Town is still working with FEMA on getting funding. On September 16, the agency’s Paul Hatch has a call scheduled with Scott; other Town officials may be in on that call. One of the purposes is to schedule a meeting with FEMA in Orange to begin the formal paperwork.

Meanwhile, repaving continues on Cardigan Mountain Road. We’ll keep you posted on progress.