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      Orange Needs a Treasurer

      If you know something about money and accounts, the Town needs you to serve 11 months as Treasurer. 

      A laptop computer will be supplied with Quickbooks installed. Tessa, the Assistant Treasurer, can train you and serve as backup.

      Please get in touch with Betty Fulton. Or contact us and we'll get you in touch.


      "Let's Move Forward"

      Sandi Pierson started a discussion about the public comment at the recent Select Board meeting, and Jay Heinrichs responded. You'll find the discussion here.

      If you're a member of the site, you're welcome to join in. If you're not a member, get in touch and we'll sign you up!


      Ballot for Town Officers

      We've posted the sample ballot for Voting Day, next Tuesday. The polls open at 11 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

      Page 1

      Page 2

      You might want to print it out and write down any write-in names. For instance, Daniel Hazelton, the sole candidate for Moderator, is not on the ballot. Nor is Don Pfaefflin, a write-in candidate for Selectman. (Pat Mercer is the only Selectman candidate on the ballot.)

      See the entire slate of candidates here.

      You'll find the approved minutes for February 11 here. Because of voting day (a week from today!), the Select Board is meeting again tonight at 7 pm.  This will be Dorothy Heinrichs's last meeting as Selectman. Her husband will be there, trying not to look overjoyed.


      Town Warrant Articles

      You'll find them here. We'll be voting on the articles at Town Meeting, Wednesday, March 12, beginning at 7. And don't forget the potluck supper ahead of time. 

      So far there doesn't seem to be anything controversial in the warrant, though you never know. Topics include the following:

      • A 3% discount for taxes paid early.
      • Use of Highway Block Grant funds for road maintenance. 
      • Approval of a total $9,500 for the Town Highway Equipment Town House, Town Document Preservation, and Cemetery Monument capital reserve funds.
      • $227,000 for general operations.

      The articles received unanimous votes by the Select Board and the Budget Committee. Congratulations to our Town officers for a smooth and contention-free operation. (Feel free to disagree in the comments!)



      The Town Election Heats Up

      It looked right down to the wire as if no one was going to run for Select Board to fill the seat of outgoing Selectman Dorothy Heinrichs in next month's election. But we're told that Pat Mercer has filed. She'll be the only candidate on the ballot. Don Pfaefflin has also agreed to run, as a write-in candidate. The winner will be expected to serve a three-year term. And that appears to be the only contested election.

      Other Orangeites have stepped up to run uncontested for town offices:

      Town Clerk: Sophie Seace. Treasurer: Henry Minasian. Tax Collector: Sharon Proulx. Deeding Agent: Sharon Proulx. Road Agent: Scott Sanborn. Cemetary Agent: Edward Saulen. Overseer of Public Welfare: Pat Mercer. Budget Committee: Bob Proulx. Supervisor of the Checklist: Beth DiFrancesco. Planning Board Member: Judith Lindahl. Planning Board Member (two seats are open): George White

      Four Town offices have no one on the ballot. Danny Hazelton has agreed to be a write-in candidate for Town Moderator. And the ballot will remain blank for Cemetery Trustee, Trustee of Trust Funds, and School Budget Committee Member.

      We haven't received confirmation of the ballot and candidates. Please comment if you see any errors of omission or commission.