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      Catching Up with the Select Board

      I've been really slow in posting minutes--my apologies. You'll find the whole shebang here.

      Why put them on a website at all? Because I think it's useful to have a permanent place where people can easily find what their government is doing. That's why this site also has links to our representatives' voting records

      As soon as I can find the time, I'll begin putting Orange documents and forms up, so you won't have to make a trek to the Town House for every form.  Stay tuned!

      Meanwhile, please let me know if there's anything else you'd like the site to do. You can email me directly at o.speech at gmail.

      - Jay


      Wind Turbine Update

      Sandi Pierson sent this:

      Wild Meadows and NH Energy Policy Updates

      Iberdrola withdrew their Wild Meadows Wind project application in early June, and the Groton project on Jewell Hill has apparently withdrawn, while EDP's Spruce Ridge project targeting the northern shoulder of Mt. Cardigan is still in play. Recently, the NLRA LAnd Management Committee met with NH Wind Watch and the newly-renamed Newfound / Mt. Cardigan Legal Fund to discuss a partnership to protect the waterhsed using our combined efforts and strategies. 
      Meanwhile, the State's draft energy policy has been released for public comment, due by July 25. The NLRA is investing time and effort into this process as well as the NHSEC rules revisions, to better balance our energy demand with a high-quality environment. 

      Town Clerk Hours

      Sophie Seace reports changed hours and policies over the next month:

      The Town Clerks office will be open Wednesday 6/25 5:30-7:00pm, due to State yearend close out we will not be able to process any DMV actions (registrations, titles) until the office opens Wednesday 7/2 5:30-7:00pm.

      NOTE - there will not be Saturday hours in July due to the July 4th holiday weekend.

      As always, we will make the changes on the calendar.


      Select Board Minutes

      Just posted minutes for March 25 meeting here. Sorry for the delay; had been feeling under the weather.

      You'll find the minutes here.


      Orange Needs a Treasurer

      If you know something about money and accounts, the Town needs you to serve 11 months as Treasurer. 

      A laptop computer will be supplied with Quickbooks installed. Tessa, the Assistant Treasurer, can train you and serve as backup.

      Please get in touch with Betty Fulton. Or contact us and we'll get you in touch.