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      Reval Update

      Sorry about the slew of posts; Sandi has been busy. (We keep seeing her truck outside the Town House at 7 a.m.)

      She sent us this update on the assessment revaluations, which she got from Avitar's Mark Stetson:

      The target date for mailing out resident notices from the assessor, Avitar, regarding your 2015 assessment is September 8. Upon getting this notice, you will have the opportunity to view your 2015 assessment card on the internet. On September 21 they will begin making appointments (should you feel you need to). Appointments will begin on September 25, and will include onsite visits if warranted. If you do not have access to the internet and want to view your assessment card, please feel free to give me a jingle and we can do it here at the Selectmen's office.


      Sandi's number: 523-7936.



      Minutes from the Select Board's DRA Meeting

      We just posted minutes from the Board's August 11 meeting, along with minutes of the August 18 meeting with the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration. The DRA is helping the Town straighten out the mess in the Town's finances left by the last administration. Tessa Michetti told the officials that she expects to have a report complete soon. Meanwhile, the bills are being paid on time again.

      If you're concerned about the state of the Town's finances, you'll definitely want to read the DRA meeting minutes here.


      Volunteers Needed

      Orangeites have been stepping up to get our Town back to normal. You'll be hearing more about that in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, more stepping-up is needed. The good news, is, a little effort goes a long way, and we're not talking about a huge commitment if you don't have the time.

      Salary Study Committee: Danny Hazelton needs four volunteers to serve on this committee, which sets the pay levels for the Town. It's a great way to see how local government works. And Danny says the committee plans to meet no more than twice. It should complete its work by December. Danny: dmhazelton@hotmail.com, 523-4268.

      Delivering Meals: Anita Watson Garland reminds us that the Senior Center needs drivers and runners to deliver meals in Orange and Canaan. You may sign up to do this daily, weekly, or even just once a month. Anita: anitawats@hotmail.com, 523-7141.



      Large Trash Pickup Tomorrow (Friday)

      That's Friday, not Saturday. Start lugging that big trash!


      Select Board Minutes for the July 28 Meeting

      You'll find them here. Along with her minutes, Sandi Pierson included a photo of a double rainbow, taken from the Cardigan summit by Dorothy Heinrichs.