Residents of Orange, New Hampshire, during the Christmas party.

Residents of Orange, New Hampshire, during the Christmas party.

Town Facts

Orange, New Hampshire, is a small town founded in 1769 and comprising 23.2 square miles. Much of the 5,655-acre Cardigan Mountain State Forest and Park lies within the Town’s boundaries. Cardigan Mountain, 3,155 feet at its bare summit, offers spectacular views of the White Mountains to the east and Vermont’s Green Mountains to the west.

At last count, Orange boasted 289 residents. The population was considerably larger in the first half of the twentieth century, when more than 40 mica mines dotted the Town. Today, Orange is known for its natural beauty, its wealth of wildlife, and residents passionate about conserving our natural treasures. (You can find a guide to outdoor activities and natural resources, along with detailed maps, here.)

Each year the Town gathers for a harvest festival, a potluck supper before Town Meeting, and a Christmas party. Yankee Magazine ran a story about the party. Most of the events, as well as official meetings, take place in the Orange Town House. For dates of meetings and events, see the calendar.

Orange’s government operates in traditional New England style. The voters serve as legislators at the annual Town Meeting in March. A Selectboard with three elected members serve as the administration. Much of the work of the Town is done by volunteers, including this website.

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