About This Site

OrangeNH.us is owned by Jay and Dorothy Heinrichs and maintained by an informal group of town residents. Read policies for the site here.


Site Policies


OrangeNH.us is maintained on a nonprofit basis by the group Voluntary Orange. Opinions expressed on this site are the sole responsibility of the authors. The owners of this site reserve the right to edit content for clarity, brevity, and civility. Obscene or uncivil content will be removed at the discretion of the editors.

All of the costs of this website are borne by Voluntary Orange (current Chairman, Activities Coordinator and Pencil Sharper: Jay Heinrichs).  For a list of members or to ask to join, email webmaster@orangenh.us.

The site is hosted on Squarespace.com. Neither the site administrators nor the owners have any relationship with Squarespace other than as customers. We don't get any revenue from advertising and do not intend to make any profit from any part of the site or from its links.

This site is entirely independent of the town government of Orange and its Board of Selectmen.  None of the news that we report should be taken as official notice by the Town government.

Everyone is welcome to comment on the blog posts.  Comments are monitored for civility.  To participate in the discussion board, you must register on the site. To sign up, click here.