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Office of the Select Board

Town of Orange, New Hampshire

Minutes of April 24, 2017


Present: Dorothy Heinrichs, Chair; Robert Ells, and Sandi Pierson (clerical). Not present: Skip Smith was out of town.

Others present: Bev Ells, Dave Delgenio, and Gary Hamel

Meeting opened at 6 PM.

Minutes: The minutes of April 10, 2017 were unanimously approved.

Historical: Gary Hamel shared historical voting information in relation to the David Ames cellar hole located on the Cardigan Mountain State Park access road. During his Orange history book research, Gary discovered that in 1792, at the home at that location then owned by Samuel Bagley, the town cast 13 ballots to elect General George Washington as President of the United States. Gary would like to provide a sign at the site to commemorate the event. After discussion, the Board agreed they would contact the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) and ask permission to erect a sign at the site. They will also explore the procedure on how the State of NH posts historical sites. Upon the request of Gary, the Board will also ask DRED for authorization to clean up the woodland debris around the cellar hole. Gary said if clean-up of the cellar hole is allowed, he will spearhead the project.

Contract for online vehicle registration (town clerk’s office): Dorothy reviewed correspondence from legal counsel Adele Fulton pertaining to the liability contract the Board is expected to sign for the company, IDC, which will provide online vehicle registration for the town clerk’s office. Attorney Fulton wrote that Jenn Hartman (from the attorney’s office) has reviewed the software licensing contract and felt that some of the provisions are ambiguous. Adele recommended that Jenn Hartman communicate with the town clerk directly as she may be able to answer some of the questions and that the Board authorize Jenn to contact IDC in order to talk through the contract provisions and perhaps be allowed to draft an addendum to the contract that addresses concerns and questions. After discussion, the Board unanimously agreed that Jenn Hartman may follow up with Sophie Seace and IDC.

Noise ordinance: Dorothy shared an email from a resident who was disconcerted with numerous hours of nearby gunshot firing on Easter Sunday afternoon. Dorothy stated that she also heard the extensive gunfire and that it was very unsettling. The Board reviewed the noise ordinance adopted by the town at the 2005 town meeting and noted that the discharge of firearms was one of the things that are exempt from the ordinance. Dorothy felt that it was a matter of a property owner being lacking in courtesy for their neighbors.

Abatement application: The Board reviewed an opinion from the town’s assessor, Avitar, on the abatement application of Harold and Jean Toms who own seasonal property on New Colony Road. After review, Bob motioned to accept Avitar’s recommendation and to adjust the property’s assessment from $139,100 to $97,300, and to grant an abatement of $41,800. Motion passed unanimously in favor. The Board will sign the abatement to the tax collector at the next meeting.

Building permits: The Board reviewed and signed the following building permit applications contingent on the approval of the Building Inspector.

 Jim Collins and Kristen Laine: Restoration work to the historical Orange schoolhouse situated on their Tuttle Hill property. They will also move the structure a bit further from the road.

Aaron Allen: A 10 x 10 utility building on his New Colony Road property. It was noted that the entirety of the property is in current use. Sandi will forward the permit and map dimensions to the town’s assessor so they can appraise the Land Use Change Tax.

Dave Delgenio stated that he is ready to pour the cement pad for his future home on Tuttle Hill. Sandi will email him a building permit and Dave will have it ready for the Board to review it at their next meeting.

Road drainage: Dave Delgenio said he would like to improve a short section of a road drainage ditch at his Tuttle Hill property. The Board stated that he needs to contact the road agent directly and get his approval in order to proceed.

Board meeting schedule: Due to scheduling conflicts, the next Board meeting will be on Monday, May 8, 2017 instead of May 9. Sandi to post the change.

Pay schedules: Sandi will draft a letter for the Board to review notifying officers and employees of their new pay rates and that the compensation schedule is monthly. Time sheets from hourly- paid employees are to be submitted each month on the last Monday of the month; with the option of getting paid twice-monthly by submitting time sheets on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. This schedule will coincide with the Board meetings when vouchers are processed.


  •   A notice was received from the State of NH that they have electronically deposited $3,157.46 into the town’s account for Forestland Reimbursement (Mount Cardigan State Forest). This is $828.06 higher than last year and $1,157.46 more than what the Budget Committee anticipated.

  •   A letter of appreciation was received from the Upper Valley Haven for the town’s 2017 contribution.

  •   A notice was received from Primex that our Property and Liability insurance bill will be $1,794.00; the invoice will be mailed in July. This is the amount appropriated by the Budget Committee.

  •   Trash report: as of March the town disposed of 19 tons of trash and 7.43 tons of recyclables.

  •   A card of appreciation was received from Martha Jaques for the condolences sent by the Board upon the passing of her son Steve.

Secretary’s report:

  • Avitar reports they have 50 pick-ups this year (revals). This results from information from inventory forms, building permits, and their own “Under Construction” memorandums from previous assessing visits.
  • The Dwelling Unit Response Form for the NH Office of Energy and Planning has been completed and mailed back. One building permit for a residential home was issued last year.
  • Additional keys to the Town House are needed for officers. Bob Ells to follow up.

Reports from other Boards and Committees:

Conservation Commission:

  • Dorothy stated that there was a great turnout at Sunday’s coyote presentation but that unfortunately the presenter did not attend. The program is rescheduled for May 21.
  • Orange Green-Up Day is planned for Saturday, May 6. This will include a comprehensive clean-up of the Town House grounds and the pick-up of debris disposed of at two accesses to Mount Cardigan State Forest. People are also encouraged to clean up roadside trash in the vicinity of their homes. Meet at the Town House at 9 AM to begin work. Ice cream social to follow at 11 AM at the Town House.

Public comment: n/a

Bills and vouchers were reviewed and signed.

Nonpublic session: At 6:35 PM Bob motioned to go into nonpublic session per RSA 91-A: 3-I (c) to review an Application for Elderly Exemption application. Dorothy seconded. Motion unanimously approved. Motion to come out of nonpublic session at 6:45 PM passed unanimously. Dorothy stated that an elderly exemption has been tabled until the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned 6:46 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Sandi Pierson

Dorothy Behlen Heinrichs

Robert Ells

Lyell Smith