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OrangeNH.us is owned by Jay and Dorothy Heinrichs and maintained by an informal group of town residents. Read policies for the site here.

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    I Predict...

    ...a Craft and Psychic Fair at A Sacred Place in Canaan on Saturday.  The notice in the Valley News says they'll each you to dowse.  Plus read tarot cards, spin yarn, and make candles. I'm more interested in the dowsing, personally. 

    Also this Saturday: A chicken barbecue and silent auction in Enfield, to fund a spring youth trip to New Orleans. The dinner's from 5 to 7 on 96 Main St. 

    And don't forget the farmer's market in Canaan on Sunday, and the Moonlighters Big Band performance at the Canaan gazebo on Tuesday, 7-8 pm.




    Video Test


    OK, Here's What We Need

    To complete this site, we'll need:


    • Photos of Orange people and scenes for the photo albums. 
    • List of phones and emails for the Contacts page.
    • Determination of official town email addresses (NAME@orangenh.us).
    • Dates of meetings and events for the calendar page.
    • Volunteer editors for the blog.
    • Plan to announce the website. Maybe a notice in the Town House as well?
    • Plan to offer printouts of the blog for people who request them.
    • List of links to add to the Links page.
    • Material for the Facts & History page. Can someone ask Gary to provide content? (It can be on paper.)
    • Protocols for adding blog posts and other content to the site. (I suggest that individual editors determine what's appropriate; individuals can appeal to the Selectmen.) The protocols should be posted on the About This Site page.
    • I'd like to set up a town Facebook page, which would automatically receive blog posts. That way residents with Facebook pages of their own could follow town news on their Facebook news feed. Let me know if you want this. The link would appear on this site in the left-hand sidebar.
    • Additional info on selectmen's bios. 
    • List of changes and additions to the structure of the site.
    • It wouldn't be a bad idea to vet the site's policies and boilerplate by Bernie Waugh.




    Be Glad You're in Orange

    Hey, Board members and others,

    I set up this site from Dallas, where it's 102 degrees!  Let Dorothy know what you'd like to see--or eliminate--from the site.  (The current blog posts, including this one, can be taken down after the Board has seen it.)  

    Dorothy will be talking to you about town email addresses. You can have as many as 5; e.g., selectmen@orangenh.us.  I'd suggest registering just 3 for now to allow for additions later.

    Let's talk about site volunteers and administrators. I can create log-ins for appropriate people.

    One thing I don't think anyone wants to see:  advertising of any kind.  The site shouldn't be "monetizable" in any way. No one makes money from this. It's for the town.  

    The Town budget will pay for the domain name and emails--about $130 this year and under $35 in following years. (Less than $10 of that cost is for the domain registration.)  Dorothy and I are donating the costs of the website and hosting.  Squarespace is the vendor. I have no business with Squarespace except as a customer, using it to host my two book sites, Figarospeech and Word Hero.

    The Board of Selectmen and, ultimately, the citizens of Orange should set the direction of the site. Personally, though,  I'm hoping it will serve as a vehicle for people to appreciate what a great place we have here, and what great people inhabit it.  Let's keep it informal, friendly, and (with the possible exception of meeting minutes) rancor-free.



    Minutes from the August 5 Board Meeting

    Lots of people talked and a good time was had by all.