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    Welcome to Our New Site!

    We're a group of volunteers who created this site at our own expense so people in Orange can get news and calendar events, keep up on critical stuff like trash collection dates, and share photos of our beautiful town and its people.

    As you'll see from the blog posts we've already done, we'll use the posts to keep you up to date on what's happening in Orange and on this site.  If you want to get an automatic email when we post, click here.

    Read the site policies and then let us know what's going on in your part of town. To contribute, look on the right-hand site of any page you're in. You'll see ways to send us news, photos, and calendar events.

    Speaking of the calendar, we're inputting it as a Google calendar. So if you use Google on your computer or smartphone, you can get the Orange calendar there as well. Just follow the instructions in Calendar settings to add a calendar to yours.

    The rest should be self-explanatory. If it's not, get in touch with us by using the form on the right, and we'll try to help you out.

    Thanks for visiting!


    The Basin Has Changed

    We hear that Orange Basin (no, not the one in Africa) has been altered by Irene (the storm, not the princess).  It's still the same basin, with some rocks shifted around interestingly. 


    Irene Emergency Select Board Meeting

    Sandi Pierson, the secretary to the Board of Selectmen, has done the minutes to the August 30 meeting--a response to Tropical Storm Irene.  The minutes include  a comprehensive report of the damage and the decisions by the Board.

    You'll find them here.


    Mascoma Headwaters Conservation

    Dorothy Heinrichs just sent us a link to a map showing the ongoing deal to protect 13,000 acres of land neighboring Orange. The Nature Conservancy is leading the project.

    You can find the map here.  Also see the story in the Valley News, along with its editorial.


    Hunting Season

    Just put up New Hampshire Fish & Game's seasonal calendar in the Government and Useful Links pages. Bow season for deer and turkeys starts September 15 and continues through December 15 in our part of the state (Wildlife Management Unit G).

    Meanwhile, the state legislature is still working on legislation to protect landowners from liability lawsuits. Maine currently has a law that requires unsuccessful litigants to pay a landowner's legal fees.  The new legislation stems from a lawsuit filed by William Jasmin against an Epsom landowner after Jasmin fell out of a faulty tree stand. The Concord Monitor has a good story about it here. We'll try to keep you posted on developments.  One thing to keep in mind in the meantime: landowners apparently are most liable when they agree to compensation from people using their land. Jasmin claims that the Epsom landowner asked him to kill as many coyotes on his land as possible, a request that Jasmin's lawyer interprets as "compensation."