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    Recycling Report

    According to the latest figures, Orange residents recycled 11.84 tons of trash between May 6--when Zero Sort recycling began--through September 23.  That's a huge savings in landfill space, and a sigificant savings to us taxpayers.


    WaveComm on Cardigan

    People have been asking what the equipment installed recently on the Cardigan summit by broadband provider WaveComm looks like.  We popped up and took this picture.  (The Wavecomm equipment is the white stuff on the upper left of the tower.) Not very awesome--which is a good thing in our book. 

    Recently, we (Dorothy and Jay Heinrichs) have installed Fairpoint DSL in the house, and pointed a new antenna to WaveComm's Cardigan dish.  By paying a larger fee, we were able to get Wavecomm speeds up to double the DSL speeds--which themselves are pretty good.

    Not sure how the equipment will hold up in the winter, but WaveComm did OK with its Ascutney summit equipment last year.  Jay has offered to hike up and fix anything that a moron could fix.

    With Fairpoint, WaveComm, and Wildblue on the scene, Orange is starting to look connected.  Right now, you need to be able to see the summit from your place to access the new WaveComm installation.  But the company says it plans to install repeaters in the future to serve people who can't see the summit.  Call (603) 298-9000 and ask.

    (We don't have any relationship with WaveComm or the other providers except as customers.)


    Changes in Meeting Dates

    The Select Board will hold its second monthly meeting on Thursday, October 27, at 7 p.m.

    The Mascoma School Board plans to meet at the Town House on Tuesday, October 25.  A non-public session starts at 5:30, with the public session beginning at 6:00.

    We've marked the changes on the calendar.  If you have Google Calendar (it's easy for anyone with gmail to set up!), just follow the instructions on the Calendar page to have the Orange calendar appear on your own whenever you want.



    The Festival's at the Town House

    We just learned that the Orange Harvest Festival--this Sunday, October 16--will be at the Town House. We mistakenly put it at the Speedway.  For more details, see the Calendar.


    Interested in Broadband?

    WaveComm has just finished putting its equipment on the summit of Cardigan Mountain. If you can see the summit from your place, you might consider getting its service.  The company sent this to the Selectboard: 

    • Our Residential plan is $49.95 monthly or prepaid $479.40 yearly ($120
    • savings). That service runs between 350-750kbps download and 128-256kbps
    • upload.
    • Our Small Business plan is $79.95 monthly or $839.40 yearly ($120 savings).
    • That service runs between 750kbps- 1.2Mbps download and 256-428kbps upload.
    • A standard installation is $99.

    WaveComm works by sending a radio signal from small dishes to an even smaller dish installed at your place.  It is reasonably reliable, though its service does go out for a couple hours now and then (generally no more than once a month or so, particularly during violent storms).  They answer their phone right away.  

    An alternative is Fairpoint DSL, which reaches only some of the town. 

    Another choice is WildBlue, a satellite service. It offers the fastest download speeds, but relatively slow uploads. If you do a lot of Web surfing, the "latency"--the amount of time it takes the signal to beam up to the satellite and back--can make the service seem slow.  Thick cloud cover or snow can affect service.

    We'll try to keep you posted on services and rates as they change.