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    Select Board Meeting Dates

    Sandi sent us these. Especially note Town Meeting March 14, with voting the day before. We'll post these dates on the Calendar as well.
    • Tuesday, January 23 @ 6 PM: Joint meeting with the Budget Committee and Select Board to draft the proposed 2018 budget. This will follow the regular Select Board meeting.
    • Tuesday, February 13 @ 6 PM: Select Board will meet with Budget Committee again if needed. This is also a regular Select Board meeting.
    • Thursday, February 15, 7 PM: Public Hearing on the proposed 2018 budget. (Inclement weather date: Friday, February 16.)
    • Tuesday March 13, 11 AM to 7 PM: Voting on officers and zoning ordinance.
    • Wednesday, March 14, 7 PM: Traditional Town Meeting



    Where Do Those Stickers Go???

    There’s been some confusion about the Canaan Transfer Station stickers. Turns out you can put them anywhere visible to the attendant. Dorothy made a test run over the weekend with the sticker taped inside the windshield on the passenger side. No problem. 

    Sandi confirmed that any position readily visible will work.


    Transfer Stickers (And Where to Put Them)

    Sandi gives us the downlow on Canaan waste transfer stickers. Remember, Casela will no longer collect our trash in 2018. You'll need to get a sticker and bring your trash to the Canaan Transfer Station.

    From Sandi:


    The distribution of the Canaan Transfer Station stickers go well! Again, you can get them at the Canaan Town offices, Monday through Friday, or here at the Orange Select Board's office on Monday and Friday mornings.  We will also be here this Saturday morning, December 30 between 8 and 11 AM to issue stickers. You must bring in the registrations for the vehicles you want a sticker for. 
    We have been asked, "Where do I put the sticker on my car or truck???" I stopped into the Canaan office this morning and was told: CANAAN TRANSFER STICKERS GO ON THE FRONT BUMBER ON THE PASSENGER SIDE.
    If your bumper curves to the side of the vehicle, that's fine, it can go there... as long as it's on the bumper.




    The Trash Collection Is Disrupted

    This just in from Sandi:


    Due to the snow, Casella cannot provide trash-pick-up service today for the following roads:
    Next trash pick-up is scheduled for Saturday, December 30




    Town Clerk Hours, Registration

    Sophie Seace says the office will be open this Friday, 9-11 a.m., as well as the next two Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7. 

    She reminds us that you can process your registration renewals online here. Or just go to Orangenh.US and click on the Registration or Form tab at the top. If you have any questions, email Sophie at orangetownclerk@myfairpoint.net

    Sophie wishes "you all a safe and joyous season."