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    New Flag, Old Calendar

    Check out the new American flag in the Town House if you haven't seen it. It flew above the Capitol Building in Washington, and Dave Stacy, Orange's flag expert, set it up perfectly. The flag came certified by our Member of Congress, Annie Custer.

    This made us think that maybe Congresswoman Custer or a member of her staff might be coaxed to attend a Select Board meeting. So we went to her website to see what town meetings she has coming up. Here's what we found: http://kuster.house.gov/congress-in-your-corner/annie-around-the-district. 

    The site is two years out of date. We wrote the Congresswoman's office to suggest they update the site and let us know when she'll be coming anywhere near our neck of the woods. Two months later, we got a letter from Congresswoman Custer's office thanking us for our interest in attending a meeting and offering a link to her website. Which is still two years out of date.

    The Orange website isn't for politics. But our little town deserves a bit more attention from our elected officials, doesn't it? In the future, we'll be keeping track of how well our state and national representatives communicate with Orange and its residents. Email Jay (o.speech@gmail.com) if you have anything you want to say about this. 






    Coyotes, Greenup, Ice Cream, Pistols

    Here are the minutes from the last Select Board meeting. 

    Saturday, May 6, is Green Up Day in Orange. Come to the Town House at 9am., then quit work at 11 for an ice cream social. The ice cream should restore enough energy for each of us to clean up roadside trash near our homes afterward.

    The next Select Board meeting will be held a day earlier than usual: Monday, May 8, at 6pm.

    Hope you have the Coyote presentation on your calendar: Sunday, May 21. Dessert at 6 (bring one!), talk at 7. In the Town House of course. We all had a great time on the first try, even though the speaker didn't show up. This time should be even better--not to mention more educational.

    Pistol permits for concealed carry are no longer required in the Granite State. But State Police Detective Sheldon Belanger reminds us that the law applies only within New Hampshire. If you plan to carry your weapon beyond state borders, he says, you'll want to check with other states' laws. Wikipedia has a useful table that shows what's allowed in each state. You'll find it here.




    Hear About Broadband Planning

    Scott Sanborn tells us that John Stevens, New Hampshire's Statewide Interoperability Coordinator with the Department of Safety, will attend the May Planning Board Meeting. The topic will be broadband planning. The public is welcome.

    7pm May 16

    Orange Town House


    Bits of News

    The Town House was packed last night for the coyote presentation, with an impressive array of desserts and some fascinating natural objects on display. As Dorothy Heinrichs noted, the only person missing was the speaker! We're hoping to reschedule.

    The Select Board meets this evening at 6. Here's the agenda, a good way to see what's going on. Aaron Allen is working on what promises to be a beautiful place up on New Colony. Jim Collins is working to restore the historic schoolhouse on his property. And we'll hear more about the state's new law allowing concealed pistols without a permit.


    1. Call to order. Attendance taken by secretary.

    2. Approval of the minutes of April 10, 2017

    3. Update on Town Contract with E-Registration Provider

    4. Review noise ordinance (concern from resident)

    5. Review correspondence from State Police and Local Government Center re: pistol permits

      are no longer required in the State of NH.

    6. Abatement application response from Avitar re: Harold and Jean Toms/New Colony Road.

    7. Building permits:

      •   Jim Collins and Kristin Lane: restore and move existing one-room schoolhouse on their Tuttle Hill property.

      •   Aaron Allen: New Colony Road/10 x 10 utility shed

    8. Other:

      •   Notice from State of NH: Electronic deposit into towns account of $3,157.46 for Forestland Reimbursement (Cardigan State Forest).

      •   Letter of appreciation from the Upper Valley Haven for our 2017 contribution.

      •   Notice from Primex that our Property and Liability insurance bill will be $1,794.00;

        the invoice will be mailed in July. This is the amount appropriated by the Budget


      •   Trash report

      •   Thank you card from Martha Jaques for the condolences sent by the Board upon the

        passing of her son Steve.

    9. Secretary’s report

    10. Reports from other Boards and Committees

    11. Public Comment

    12. Bills and Vouchers

    13. Nonpublic session to review an elderly exemption application.

    14. Motion to adjourn. 


    Select Board Meeting Change

    The Board will meet Monday, April 24, at 6 pm,  instead of its usual Tuesday schedule.

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