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      Trash Will Be Collected Tomorrow

      We just learned that the storm earlier in the week set Casella back, so they're collecting on Saturday. Which you probably guessed already.


      Supervisors of the Checklist Meeting

      The Supervisors of the Checklist will meet at the Orange Townhouse on Monday, March 6, 6:30-7:00 PM.

      No changes to the checklist may be after this session until election day. This is your last chance to change your name or address on the checklist. But qualified citizens may register to vote at the Town House on election day in all elections.

      No matter when or where you register to vote, you will be required to fill out a standard voter registration form, and you will be asked to show proof of identity, age, citizenship, and domicile. These qualifications may be established by signing affidavit(s). You have to go through this trouble only if you're not registered in Orange.

      For more information about how to register to vote, click here or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. 


      Candidates for Town Positions

      Town Clerk Sophie Seace sent us this announcement:

      The offices below are open for election on Town Meeting Day, Tuesday March 14, 2017. Candidates must file with the Town Clerk to have their names placed on the ballot. 

      The filing period for these positions is Wednesday, January 25, 2017 through 5pm Friday, February 3, 2017.

      The Town Clerk will be available during the following times at the Town House:

      Wednesday, January 25, 3 to 5pm

      Wednesday, February 1, 5:50 to 7:30pm

      Friday, February 3, 3 to 5pm. All candidates filing on that last day must file in person.

      You may make other arrangements by calling the Town Clerk at 603-306-1356 or emailing orangetownclerk@myfairpoint.net


      POSITION                                                       TERM                                      INCUMBENT

      Selectman                                                       3 years                                     Robert Ells

      Town Clerk                                                       1year                                       Sophie Seace

      Treasurer                                                         1year                                       Tessa Michetti

      Tax Collector                                                   1year                                       Sharon Proulx

      Deeding Agent                                                1year                                       Sharon Proulx

      Road Agent                                                     1year                                       Scott Sanborn

      Cemetery Agent                                               1year                                       Edwin Saulen

      Overseer of Public Welfare                                 1year                                      

      Budget Committee                                          3years                                      Robert Proulx

      Cemetery Trustee                                            3years                                      Lyell Smith

      Trustee of Trust Funds                                     3years                                      Pauline Emerson

      Two Planning Board Members                           3years                                      Judith Lindahl

                                                                                                                           Sal Guadagnino


      Meeting on School Funding

      The Canaan Select Board has been leading a proposal to change the way towns in the Mascoma School District fund schools. You may have read about it in the Valley News. The plan put forward by Canaan would factor property valuations into the funding formula; the proposal maintains that this would cut Orange's taxes.

      An additional proposal would have school board members chosen by towns instead of the current at-large elections. This proposal would give the Orange representative a partial vote, while Canaan and Enfield would each receive two full votes.

      Canaan Adminitrator Mike Sampson announced a public meeting to discuss a specific proposal. The announcement states that "several town governments" have been discussing the proposal "for several weeks." As far as we know, Orange wasn't included in that discussion, though Orange Select Board members were asked to respond with their opinion on several questions in an email.

      The meeting will be be held Sunday, January 8 at 7 pm in Canaan Hall (Canaan Fairgrounds). You can see the draft plan here


      Bring Pix to the Party

      Don't forget, the Orange Christmas Party starts at 5pm December 11. The organizing committee is looking for photos taken at previous parties. If you have some, please show up an hour early at the Town House.